8 Ways To Wellness


“The Future of Medicine is Energetic Medicine” – Dr. Oz

8 Ways to Wellness is a 60-minute public television documentary based upon the life and work of eight extraordinary Holistic Health and Wellness Authors. The documentary reveals the powerful insights each of them have discovered both personally and professionally through their quest to better understand the true nature of good health. ” Eight Ways to Wellness ” is focused on pushing the boundaries of traditional thought.

Our intention for this documentary is to inspire and empower the audience by illustrating the amazing benefits of taking a journey into the center of Holistic Health and Wellness and better understand the connections and secrets that is transforming and revolutionizing modern medicine.

As the world evolves into an age of uncertainty, especially in the field of health care, our goal is to provide scientific information, and the tools that can place the power of healing and wellness within everyone’s reach.

Windsor Broadcast Productions

Windsor Broadcast Productions is a long running healthcare television producer, with over 15 years of placing programming and content on Public Television. Windsor currently has 28 shows running on the Public Television Satellite and is premiering a new show in October 2015 for Public Television affiliates all over the US. Windsor has won more than 100 national and international awards for production excellence.