Doctor Survey


80 Doctors* who were interviewed on the “American Health Journal” were surveyed with a written questionnaire between 12/21/2017 thru 3/6/2018. Each Physician appeared on the “American Health Journal” between January 2017 thru August 2017.

78 Doctors replied to the survey, which represented a 98% response.

The survey was divided into four parts.

1. Was your appearance on the show a positive experience?
2. Do you have any suggestions for next year?
3. How did your appearance assist you in your practice?
4. Would you consider being interviewed again for the next season?

Their responses are reported as follows:

  1. 100% of the Doctors surveyed found that their on-camera appearance on the “American Health Journal” was a positive and worthwhile experience
  2.  The response from this year’s survey was similar to the last survey with 32 of the Doctor’s writing in suggestions or comments
  3. When surveyed as to the direct effect that their appearance had on their practice, the Doctor’s survey reported the following results:
  4. The fourth survey question asked the doctors whether they would be interested in reappearing in next years American Health Journal ….100% of the doctors surveyed said that they wanted to appear on next year’s show.
*102 Healthcare workers were interviewed including nutritionists, hospital directors, physical therapists, chaplains and counselors. Of that number 80 physicians were interviewed and are the only source of these results.
**N/R Non-responsive. Some Doctors had no response to this question because they do not maintain a practice such as Emergency Room Doctors or operate In-House hospital programs.