5 Easy Tips for Great TV Interviews

1. WHAT TO WEAR – The best advice is “Dress as if you were going to be an expert witness in court.” Dress conservatively, dark colors, blues suggested. Avoid thin stripes, checkers, polka dots, hound tooth jacket designs.

2. ARRIVE ON TIME – This helps because you will not be rushed by another doctor coming for the next scheduled time. A good hint to supplement your interview is to bring (5) questions you would like to be asked about your topic.

3. KEEP IT SHORT & SIMPLE – The more questions you’re able to answer the better the interview. Replace all those long medical terms with simple words viewers can understand. If you want to bring a patient, call us first.

4. “B-ROLL” – This is the silent action shots we use over your on-air interview, for example: consulting with patients, reviewing MRI’s, talking to staff, etc. These are usually done in your office or at the hospital immediately after the interview, so please schedule an additional 15 minutes.

5. RELAX – We have interviewed over 7,000 physicians. We will make this interview a pleasant and rewarding experience. Any other questions, call us at (800) 303-3200.