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AHJ Video Catalog

The Catalog

American Health Journal logoThis catalog was created from the current interviews on the national public television program the “American Health Journal.”

Since 1988 the American Health Journal has presented physicians discussing virtually every medical condition and disease from Aneurysms to Zika.

The American Health Journal is a 52 week TV program so each month additional interviews are logged into the catalog…keeping it always current.

“Evergreen” Interviews

The American Health Journal has recorded these interviews with a timeless sense for “Today’s Topics.” Any interview that is no longer relevant because of a change in the method of diagnosis or treatment is automatically deleted.

The average running time of each interview is between 4 to 5 minutes.

Cross Reference

The highlight and most valued feature of this collection is that it is cross referenced for both speed and understanding of the medical topics.

The cross referencing will allow anyone that is unfamiliar with any medical term can still find the information for their uses by going to a name or term familiar to them.

Example: “Glaucoma” – will also be cross referenced under “optometry,” “eyes” and “aging.”

This cross referencing system took months to develop but that effort will save valuable time for anyone using this catalog of interviews.

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